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The Lord called Justyn and Rachel Smith into the itinerant ministry of evangelism in March of 2008 well before pastoring Crossroads Baptist Church was ever a thought. They traveled our Nation and the World preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unbeliever and the message of revival to the saint. God greatly blessed nearly 5 years of full time evangelism with over three hundred professions of faith and thousands of dedication decisions. To God be all the glory!


Let's pursue the salvation of the lost and revival in the church.

There are hundreds of stories that could be shared about God moving in the lives of the hearers of the Word. Here are a couple life changing decisions that were made by individuals while Pastor Smith traveled in evangelism. There's nothing more precious than recalling God's supernatural working in the hearts of people! 

Ben and J

Ben Cutrell Saved!

Pastor Smith had the privilege of personally leading Ben to Christ outside of an Alaskan restaurant in the Summer of 2008. Ben had heard the message of salvation during the morning sermon at Valley Baptist Tabernacle, and he didn't respond. It wasn't until Pastor Smith took an opportunity to present Christ one-on-one to Ben that Ben then opened his heart and trusted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour! Ben was Pastor Smith's first one-on-one convert while on the evangelism trail. It should also be noted that God did a wonderful work in this conversion as Ben was previously a professing Atheist. Pastor Smith enjoyed seeing Ben's baptism during another Alaskan trip, and then in August of 2013 Pastor Smith had the privilege of being a groomsmen in Ben's wedding! To God be the glory!

H'young Bin Saved!

H'young Bin was saved during a school camp at Camp Joy in Wisconsin. His story is unique, in that, he grew up in a Presbyterian Pastor's home in South Korea, but according to his personally testimony he based his salvation off of his parents faith. He never had personally believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. So after a message entitled, "Look and Live," H'young Bin (who early that day hurt his ankle on the soccer field) got up during the invitation and started to limp back to talk with his principle about salvation. Super excited about H'young Bin's movement toward Christ, the principal picked H'young Bin up and proceeded to carry him back to the counseling room to discuss Christ! We all rejoiced greatly after this great work of God!

H'young Bin